Friday, December 26, 2008


In room No 6 was a 48 year old Chinese man connected to a breathing machine, he was bought in breathless with fluid filled his lungs and his blood pressure down in the basement.

There's not much surprise there since his heart only pumped at 31 percent of his normal ejection fraction.

Cardiomyopathy and acute pulmonary oedema are never meant to be together.

As he lied there looking as though he was asleep, his wife would came by and sat next to him talking to him and caressed his face.

She asked me whether he could still hear her. I dunno. I like to believe that he could. Even though he's sedated with 5mg/hour of midamorphine.

"Yes. Talk to him" I didn't look at her, afraid that she might knew I was probably lying.

As I leave the room, I could almost hear them talking to each other.


sina said...
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Sorry about that bro, didn't mean to upset u. maybe he can hear you guys.. hope he gets better!

sina said...

Hello again, my dad has since passed away. And I'm a dudette lah. :P


Innalillah may Allah bless his soul