Friday, January 16, 2009


It was a long day at clinic, my last patient was a 24 year old University lass who is unfortunate enough to have systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) which is a multisystemic autoimmune disease that can practically attack any organs in the body.
She was diagnosed 3 years ago when she presented with a seizure which was labelled as cerebral lupus. The prednisolone she took is designed to tame the illness and its side-effect made her face look look puffy.

The prednisolone was taken off last year as she was well enough and declared to be in remission. She was happy with the way it was. However now her test showed a sudden surge of protein in her urine.

That put her at a high likelihood of lupus nephritis - a risk which strong enough to compel me to restart her back on prednisolone. She was unhappy yet content. Her best friend rubbed her back as I broke the unwelcome news.

Then the day got busy again, at 4pm I got a phonecall from the dept secretary.
"Doc.. we got a package for you"

"HUH package.. for me?"

I came home with a grin pasted on my face. A wide grin which usually doesn't belonged there.

I love wonderful surprise.


ann said...

salam kenal..owhh poor her

tipah-tertipu said...

can i have some chocolate please?? you know what they say, men are like chocolate;sweet and smooth. and tthey usually head right for your hips. :)

ps: tak baik makan chocolate banyak2, nanti ada pimples. - dr tipah


weh u guys tarak blog ke.. sume pakat taruk profile not available haha.. mcm ni baik aku gi minum teh tarik.. chow