Sunday, October 5, 2008


Raya came and went in a smooth ride. No bump, no glitch in the matrix. Got a few days off and went back to kampung. What a nice way of spending one's holiday. 3 in 1 stuff - I love it.

  1. Get away from hospital

  2. Road trip

  3. Meet the parents (my own parents)

The idiom goes that during holiday season, the hospitals in KL would be almost empty. Lotta people want to be discharge home (even they insist on AOR - 'against medical advice' ~~ Okay I admit I forgot why the abbreviation doesn't match).

On the other hand, the hospitals in kampung area - say Kota Bharu would be full. Coz the children who balik kampung would find that their papa & mama's foot ulcer, diabetes are not controlled and took them to hospital.

Ha ha luckily I'm working in KL.

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