Monday, October 20, 2008


How do we deal with angry patient?

"Eh Doc!... Why took you guys so long to see us ah! You know how long I tunggu kat depan tu... anak I cry kat rumah.. and I have to pick my hubby kat tempat keje dia.. if like this besok pon tak abis!!" the 40 year old auntie grinded her teeth while showing her canine side to me.

I studied her face and posture. She looked as If she's gonna chew me slowly taking her time. Well she's a
bit hairy too... could easily has a werewolf gene inside her.

Thank God it's not full moon.

Here is where I pulled out my multiple choice answer response template:

A) Well.. hang on there, I get you the doctor. I'm the new nurse here.

B) Shut up or I'm gonna rip that mouth of yours using this syringe.

C) Hmm (long pause) have a seat, how can I help you mizz?

D) Oh God.. please - please I beg you don't hurt me.

I gave her my best-actor performance smile, pull out a chair and have her seated. Without acknowledging her 'madness', I proceeded to the 5 min-consultation.

Gave her the priscription, and off she went.

Do not in any circumstances provoke the anger. Playing fire vs fire would not help in this case. Just chill, act cool and do your job.

I find that in most cases, these anger-outburst moment are not circumstantial. The feeling has already built up inside that person way back before they walk into the clinic. It could have been death in the family, fighting with spouse, didn't get laid for a month - you name it...

... the long-waiting hour to see the doctor, is rather the last straw that break the donkey.

With that I'm not implying that auntie is a donkey.
(Well.. hey but a werewolf sure! Heheh!)


msforty5 said...

had a good laugh & glad to note that most bolehland docs are human after all.. Try being PATIENT one day


they say humans and apes has 99% genetic similarity

msforty5 said...

so the Ape is you or auntie? BTW dont ever address all female patient Aunty its sensitive issue
unless she really is related 2U lei...


neither.. from the garden of Eden Adam & Eve we came.. u disagree?

Aiyaa it takes u twice reading to come up with the auntie isssue aaa..? Ok lah point taken. tq