Monday, November 10, 2008


I walked into the oncall room and found Kamil a cardiology registrar stood at a corner staring out the windows. Something burning in his left hand.

"So u smoke?" Asking the obvious.

"Nope, I'm just using my becotide inhaler, asthmatic since 10" He laughed and took another puff. The tip of menthol-flavoured Dunhill burned slowly. Bit of ash on the floor.

"Here light this up" he nod me a ciggie

"Tempting, but I quit since 5th form, it gives me cataract" trying to think something witty for a comeback.

"okay catch you later.. I'm late for an angiogram" He threw the half burning ciggie out the window.

Nasib baik no one shouted adoi from below.

We do live in an ironic world.


mercuri2000 said...

what they do is to ask that fler to put his ciggie into a bottle, seal it up and that being the evidence is subjected to a fine of 500rm.


next time i'll do that, then we split 50-50 - kasi kautim baikk punyee