Saturday, November 22, 2008


Eagle eye is a one damn good movie, a smart thriller like this doesn't come often... though some of the concept isn't really original. A super computer develops sense of awareness and wants to annihilate humans.. hello is that you Space Odyssey 2001.

That Shia guy is all right for action movies... I supposed he had improved his 'panicked face' this time. Anyhow his potrayal of the legendary Francis Ouimet in 'the greatest game ever played' is rather convincing. Now that is one classic sport movie. A feel good - inspiring piece of work. Where the odd was played well and better still it's based on real life event.

On the other hand..

Romactic comedy genre make a comeback with 'Made of honour' which in a way make me wanna flirt with the notion of romantic idealism. Huh, I reckon hollywood has embedded the idea that there a soulmate out there for everyone. Blurrgh!

Oh Btw, Michelle Monaghan is such a babe. I'm officially in love.

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